Exel Floorball Stick Shop Singapore

Exel Floorball Stick Shop Singapore

EXEL Floorball Stick.

Exel Floorball Stick

Regular shipments of EXEL floorball equipment and accessories.

At Floorballplay, we stock a good selections of EXEL floorball stick and equipment. You can expect to see Exel floorball sticks such as Doublecurve, Gravity, Force, Pure and Vision.

EXEL Blade

We offer new replacement Exel Air blade, Exel Ice blade, Exel X blade, Exel Vision blade, and others.

EXEL Grips

Exel T-3 Pro grips and Exel Ultimate grip of assorted colors are available.

EXEL floorball stick after sales servicing available

  • EXEL floorball blade replacement.
  • EXEL Stick shortening service.
  • EXEL grip replacement.

Contact us on latest shipment and stock availability.