New Floorball Blade Replacement Changing Service

New Floorball Blade Replacement Changing Service
Looking to replace your old floorball blade? At Floorballplay Singapore, we offer new floorball blade replacement changing service forl floorball blade purchased from our retail shop. Floorball blade brands available includes Salming, Unihoc, Zone, Fatpipe and Exel (Oxdog coming soon).

We guarantee that the floorball blades are free of manufacture defects. Our staffs are experienced to…

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Special order Floorball Sticks Singapore

We can special order major brands of floorball sticks not in stock at our retail shop.
Please fill up a FORM on the specification of the floorball stick that you are interested in. Upon receipt of your request FORM, we will check the availabilities of the stick…

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Buy Zone Floorball Stick Shop Singapore





Visit Zone Floorball official site at

Looking to buy a Zone floorball stick in Singapore? ZONE FLOORBALL is known for their clean zen-like design with an element of bright colours.
We stock a good selection of Zone floorball stick, replacement blades and grip tapes in our retail shop.
For professional models only. Any model of pro Zone floorball sticks not available…

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Unihoc Epic MIRACLE Light Singapore

Unihoc Epic MIRACLE Light

Latest Unihoc floorball stick Epic MIRACLE Light 29 and 26 are available at our retail shop. Test and try it out today. MIRACLE LIGHT is a new shaft type from Unihoc, with a very low weight and excellent balance and touch. The shaft is 100% carbon fiber and the 96 cm stick weighs in on a just a…

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Floorball Balls Singapore

Floorball Balls Singapore

Click to visit our Qoo10 online Store

Floorballplay stocks both training floorball balls for school training as well as IFF certified floorball for competition plays. Brand of balls available are Salming Aero+ and Unihoc Cr8er balls. Both of these balls are made and design for handling, speed, control, durability and accuracy. They are the preferred choice for by professional floorball players for their…

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Exel Floorball Stick Shop Singapore

EXEL Floorball Stick.

At Floorballplay, we stock a good selections of EXEL floorball stick and equipment. You can expect to see Exel floorball sticks such as Doublecurve, Gravity, Force, Pure and Vision.
EXEL Blade
We offer new replacement Exel Air blade, Exel Ice blade, Exel X blade, Exel Vision blade, and others.
EXEL Grips
Exel T-3 Pro grips and Exel Ultimate grip of assorted colors are available.

EXEL floorball stick…

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Unihoc Floorball Sticks Shop Singapore

Unihoc Floorball Sticks

High performance floorball sticks from Sweden

Unihoc started in 1972 is a pioneer brand in floorball and is always searching for the latest technology to create the perfect product for the game. This can be witnessed in the launch of new shaft technology developed with, Top Light, Top Light II, Super Top Light STL, Bamboo, Edge Curve, TeXtreme, TeXtreme FL Curve, Miracle…

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Floorball Goalie Vest Singapore

We offer the best protection for Singapore floorball goalkeeper. Floorball goalie vest is an important protection for floorball goalie. A good goalie vest should protect the upper body against impact force of 200km/h ball speed. Get the best protection from Salming floorball.

Floorball goalie vest available at our shop includes:













A SLIM FIT long sleeve protection jersey. Made in 100% lightweighted functional…

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Fatpipe Floorball Sticks Shop Singapore

Fatpipe Floorball Sticks

Models  stock at our floorball shop.  Contact us for stock availability.

We special order Fatpipe professional floorball stick. Send us your request today.

Finest floorball sticks from Finland. 

Floorball players looking for a floorball shop to buy Fatpipe floorball sticks in Singapore, Floorballplay offers an alternative source of Fatpipe floorball sticks. We stock Fatpipe floorball sticks installed with different blades to…

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Floorball Unihoc Grip Singapore

Unihoc Grip Tape
NEW ARRIVAL!!! For the convenience of Singapore Unihoc floorball stick players, we stock the following Unihoc grip at our floorball shop. You can buy your unihoc grip to install it yourself or have it re-grip at our floorball shop today.
Unihoc Elite Grip
Unihoc Grip Featherlight
Unihoc Grip Elite Pro
Black & Red Color only.

Other floorball grips available at our floorball shop


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