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11 January,2015

New Floorball Grip Changing Service SG

Floorball Grip Replacement Service

Commonly know as floorball grip,  most floorball stick has a grip band for better grip of your stick during intense play. This grip band gets worn out over time and it is easy replaceable.  You can purchase to install it yourself or have our staff to wrap it up for you professionally (about 5 -10 minutes). Most commonly…

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Salming Floorball Singapore Retail Shop.

Floorballplay is a floorball Singapore retail shop that offers the largest selection of Floorball sticks and equipment from Salming Floorball. All the best performing models of Salming Floorball sticks and gears are in stock at our floorball shop.

Shop Salming Floorball at Bukit Timah Shopping Centre Singapore #03-37K.

Call us at 93871026

Salming Floorball Stick Technologies
Salming Blades

Salming floorball sticks with Quest 1 Q1,…

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04 January,2015

Salming Floorball Goalie Helmets – Singapore

Salming Floorball Goalie Helmets
At Floorballplay SG, we stocked or special order Salming floorball goalie helmets from Salming Floorball. Contact us for stock availability at our retail shop. Best price and value assured!
Salming Goalie Helmets Travis 
Salmings improved lightweight elite goalie helmet featuring a thin black facial wire with maximized cateye visual properties. Features the new expressive Salming goalie design with rubberized…

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26 May,2014

Floorball Protective Eyewear Singapore

Why You Need A Floorball Protective Eyewear?
Athletes need to use protective eyewear because eye injuries can be devastating, said Dr Christopher Khng, Medical Director, of Eyewise Vision Clinic. This advice is backed up by a report from “Prevent Blindness America reported that hospital emergency rooms treated more than 40,000 sports-related eye injuries every year.

Sports-related eye injuries are widespread and athletes should…

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05 May,2014

X3M Campus Junior Floorball Sticks in Singapore

 X3M Campus Junior Floorball Stick for Beginners.
   – High-end  floorball stick for beginners at a bargain price. 

Congratulations!!! you kid has taken up the game of floorball with a blast and wanted his/her own personal junior floorball stick. Compare with other sports, a junior floorball stick need not be an expensive investment. Although there are many brands of floorball sticks in…

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08 April,2014

Floorball Sticks for Singapore School CCA & PE Program

Schools and educational institutions in Singapore are incorporating Floorball into their PE and Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) programs. However, one of the most common problem with any Singapore school CCA floorball program is broken floorball sticks. Many of these floorball school sticks are commonly purchased with a tight budget and without due consideration to its quality and manufacturer’s track records. These stick…

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