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Who We Are and Why Choose Us

We provide the Never-Before exclusive buying experience that allow you to Experiment, See our Design, Sense, Touch, Feel and Swinging of the actual FloorBall stick before even buying it.

Customers Experiment
See Our Design
Sense, Touch, Feel Our Stuffs
Equip and Swing It Now

We provide wide variety of different brand of floorball stick and accessories, ranging from beginner to professional players. Student buying for school floorball CCA certified floorball sticks are also available.

Wait no more “Equip to Win” and Be The Champion.

Best FloorBall Stick to Win.Advance.Progress.

Floorballplay is a floorball shop in Singapore that feature the best floorball stick and floorball equipment from leading global manufacturers – Salming Floorball,  X3M and others. We are equipped with brand new and latest state-of-the-art floorball gears and is one of the largest supplier of FloorBall equipment in Singapore and South East Asia

At FloorballPlay, we  do not focus on selling. Instead, we will always ask you questions, listen and understand your needs so we can help you to choose a stick that you can play your best and best equip to win in your game.

We understands that no competition is complete without the best equipment. Thus, we work hard to provide you the equipment to win, be it SEA Games, university floorBall championship or inter school matches. At Floorballplay, you can test out your favorite wrist shots, sweep shots and slap shots with our floorball stick and choose the best for your play.